Rocket eCommerce Mission

Rocket Cloud provides innovative cloud based software solutions for wholesale distributors. Our team of experts guide your transactions through the marketplaces and ensure optimum profitability without any expensive or unnecessary software changing costs. Rocket Cloud will automatically sync your existing inventory with online marketplaces capturing more sales for your business.

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Rocket Cloud works closely with their technology and service partners to create the most optimal outcome for their wholesalers.

Rocket eCommerce Features

Unlike other software companies, we work hand-in-hand with our wholesalers and provide all software tools at a significantly lower cost than all other providers.

Easy Integration

Our API integrates easily with legacy ERP systems. No ERP system? No problem.

Live Sync

Our software syncs and adjusts inventory in real-time keeping your systems up-to-date at all times.

Dynamic Repricing

Pricing should never remain stagnant and re-pricing allows you to be competitive within each listing at any given time of the day.

Built-in Accounting

Real-Time Profit & Loss, export reports easily to assess your traction and activity.

Pricing Structure

We set strategic floor prices for all products and have our algorithm find the optimum sales/margin per marketplace.

New Product Discovery

We identify winning SKUs and new product lines that will have profitability over the long-term.


Industry leading inventory and pricing analytics ready in real-time helping you make immediate decisions.

Account Management

Delta force account management team that will keep your account healthy and your customers happy.

Rocket eCommerce Suite

Our industry-leading e-commerce enablement suite has a number of advantages. See for yourself.

RocketSuite w/out Rocket
Account Health 0% Suspension Rate 80% Suspension Rate
Policy Adherence Multiple Exemptions No Exemptions
Marketplace Automation Amazon, eBay, Walmart None
Inventory Replenishment Auto Manual
Pricing Auto Manual
Accounting Auto Manual
Account Audit Quarterly None
Reporting Auto Manual
Marketplace Demand Data Tracked None
Competitor Knowledge High Low

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Since 2018, we’ve proudly completed over 2,000,000 eCommerce Transactions