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The entire onboarding process takes 3 weeks (21 days).

Rocket Cloud only requires one technical point of contact for onboarding.

Not at all. The wholesaler can pick, pack and ship their ecommerce orders the same way they do their counter/webportal orders.

Rocket Cloud is partnered with Shipstation. The monthly Shipstation account cost is covered by Rocket Cloud.

Shipstation can house up to 10 users at one time.

Yes, Shipstation is very user-friendly. Please see Training Materials.

The wholesaler will need one picker and one packer to start.

Please see our Wholesaler Materials List located in our Training Materials.

Rocket Cloud is partnered with UPS and USPS. For LTL shipments the carrier does not matter.

Absolutely. Rocket Cloud has commercial/corporate accounts with UPS and USPS.

Your daily carrier pickups should be scheduled anywhere between 5 and 6pm. In fact, it is usually a good idea to have two daily pickups, one around lunch time, and one around 5-6pm to ensure we are meeting marketplace standards.

Shipping on weekends is not required. It is up to the wholesaler to monitor the volume and keep their shipping metrics intact. If you are getting a ton of orders on a friday/saturday, it may be smart to have someone come in on Sunday for a few hours to get ahead for the week.

You can print your shipping labels through Shipstation using a Zebra thermal printer.

For ALL FBA orders, Amazon will pay for the return shipping. For MFN orders, it depends. If it was the customer's cause for return, then the customer pays for their own return shipping label, if it was the warehouse's/manufacturer’s cause for return, then the wholesaler pays for the return shipping label.

FBA orders, along with all the fees associated with those orders, are compiled in a “Settlement Report” that’s ready for download every other week once payment has been disbursed to the wholesaler customer. Rocket has an automated process that drops a folder into the ERP system and maps them accordingly to the respected fields for ease of accounting and reconciliation.

Taxes are the sole responsibility of the wholesalers with guidance from the Rocket Cloud team. Most marketplaces today handle taxes for sellers in what is called “Marketplace Tax Facilitator” where local taxes are remitted on behalf of the sellers.

Feel free to contact support@rocketcl.com for more information.

Rocket Cloud will handle all of the ecommerce inventory replenishment and forecasting, both FBA and MFN for the wholesaler.

Rocket Cloud will EDI an FBA replenishment file every Monday morning before Noon EST. On the replenishment file there will be multiple data points that will provide clarity as to how Rocket Cloud arrived at those skus and quantities. If you have any further questions, you can contact support@rocketcl.com. Rocket Cloud will EDI an MFN replenishment file 1x/month.

Rocket Cloud has a delta force of account managers that handles all customer care, and will keep your account fully optimized (as long as the wholesaler maintains great shipping standards).

Once a return is received, the warehouse staff will notify Rocket Cloud, and Rocket will issue a refund to the customer within 24 hours. If a return is received, and the customer has not fulfilled his/her duty of returning the item ‘just as we sent it’, then Rocket will apply a restocking fee, or issue no refund at all to the customer.

Rocket Cloud will do everything in their power to have it removed. All FBA negative reviews are removed by Amazon 99% of the time.

Rocket Cloud looks at stranded inventory on a daily basis for all of their wholesalers. 99% of the time we can ‘unstrand’ the item with no issue, but sometimes we may have to bring the item back to the wholesaler warehouse to handle.

No, it is Rocket Cloud’s responsibility to make sure there is no overstock at Amazon FBA.

Rocket Cloud sends detailed sales and inventory reports to the wholesaler every Monday morning. In these reports you can see 7 day, 30 day, and YTD sales and inventory data. You can also download detailed csv files that show very clearly your MFN, FBA, and SFP sales, inventory, pricing and product data. Wholesalers can also visit Amazon, Ebay and Walmart marketplace portals if they need to pull specific marketplace data.

Of course. Shipstation has tons of comprehensive shipping reports that you can download in seconds.

Your data is very secure, and our systems are audited regularly by our developers in order to keep your data safe.

You can call support at (800) 537-2487 Monday - Friday 9am EST - 5pm EST. You can email support@rocketcl.com.

• $7,500 Onboarding Fee (One-Time)
• $500 Technology Fee (Billed Quarterly)
• 5% of Top Line Sales (Billed Monthly)

Need help? Call our support team: (800) 537-2487

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