Rocket Team

Our team draws on industry experience and data expertise to create the most powerful outcomes for our clients.

Chief Executive Officer

Zeiad is a serial entrepreneur and an original founder of Rocket Cloud. He built and then sold his first company when he was only 18 years old. Zeiad loves taking trips to the state of Virginia and spending time with his wife and 3 kids!


Michael graduated from Cornell in 2007 then joined Wall Street working on fixed income products. During this time he grew a passion for data and algorithmic trading. He enjoys spending time with his wife, son and beagle. He's also a Jiu-Jitsu player!

Chief Operating Officer

Ryan is an original founder. He manages the Rocket operations team, maintains relationships with current wholesalers, and oversees the onboarding of new wholesalers. He loves cats, biking and spending time with his niece and nephews!

Lead Developer

Keith has a background in computer science and is the lead developer for Rocket Cloud. He also has a Culinary Arts degree, and is considered a ‘Master Chef’ by the rest of the Rocket Cloud team. On the side, Keith loves learning the craft of woodworking!

Lead Data Analyst

Tinkesh is the Lead Data Analyst at Rocket Cloud. Before joining Rocket Cloud, he was previously working with Fashion Tech Consortium, General Motors and Fiat Chrysler Automobile. He specializes in both e-commerce and digital supply chain.

Customer Care Manager

Sean is the head of Customer Care for Rocket Cloud. He has the greatest attitude in the world and has helped develop a wonderful culture at Rocket. He likes spending time in his garden as well as taking his kayak for a risky ride down the Lehigh River!

Operations and Account Manager

Darina manages over a handful of wholesaler accounts for Rocket Cloud. She also trains our data entry team in Mumbai. She grew up in Bulgaria where she loves to visit her family and friends. Darina enjoys watching Netflix with her daughter and her husband!

Chief People Officer

Sarah has a doctorate in Clinical Psychology. She utilizes these skills in her training to foster a diverse and inclusive culture and strengthen employee engagement. She enjoys spending time with her husband, son, and beagle. She loves competing in marathons!

Inside Sales Lead

Youssif started with Rocket Cloud as a data entry intern and has been working his way up to become a lead inside sales representative. He loves taking trips to the state of Florida, exercising and playing with his nieces and nephews for whom he loves so very much!

Data Analyst

Rabia was born and raised in Istanbul. She's a Junior at Lafayette College and is majoring in Economics and Engineering Studies and minoring in German. She loves traveling and discovering new cultures. She's been to over 10 countries having lived in 3 of them!

Data Analyst

Emily is a Junior at Muhlenberg College. She founded and runs Muhlenberg College’s first Entrepreneurship Club on campus. She has a tremendous passion for entrepreneurship. Emily enjoys traveling, movies, and has a strong appreciation for kosher cuisine!

Data Analyst

Ritul is on a mission to achieve absolute excellence in data analysis, data visualization and artificial intelligence. He is constantly working and applying his knowledge to ultimately enhance his skill set at the highest level.

Data Management

Aniket has a deep interest in computers. He is currently attending university in Mumbai in pursuit of an IT degree. In his free time, Aniket enjoys spending time with family and friends as well as programming and playing a variety of video games!

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